Kruger National Park - an ecological haven

The Kruger National Park is the premier national park of Southern Africa which is captivating and full of bio-diversity. It's concentration of all manner of life forms spread out over nearly 2 million hectares means it's one of the most pristine ecological havens anywhere on the planet where one can observe various life-forms in their full glory, performing various acts. It’s the bird-watchers’ paradise too and those who oversee it's operation, jealously guard it's pristine qualities. It would be hard to argue against the fact that any type of African safari can provide one of the most captivating, transforming travel experiences anyone could ever undertake..


On Safari With Gert

1 December 2017

As we had only a one night Safari, we tried to maximize the drive time hoping to find some good sightings. Our highlight for the first afternoon came at a large waterhole where a young bull Elephant was thoroughly enjoying cooling down in the water. He splashed around and also fully submerged from time to time, chasing everything including the Hippos that were trying to rest on the edge of the bank!

2 December 2017

The next morning we had great luck when we encountered 2 young male lions next to the road. We had some great views and picture opportunities as they lay in the open. They appeared to have eaten recently, panting quite heavily and with full stomachs. Eventually they got up and walked across the road in front of us and headed off out of sight. Shortly before finishing the Safari, we had some more great luck when we found a Cheetah on the move. It looked like a pregnant female and we saw her quite well, although not for very long, before she veered away from the road and disappeared into the undergrowth. A great way to finish on a high note!

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