911 Rapid Response WEB APP

We are proud to announce our partnership with 911 Rapid Response on the release of the "911 Rapid Response" App that is currently available on the Apple IStore and Googles Android App Store. This app enables your mobile smartphone to be used by either International And Local visitors to South Africa as a mechanism of alerting us where you need somebody to help you in a crisis situation where you may need a Tactical Response Team (Ex Military, SAP and Special Ops), and Ambulance or even a helicopter evacuation due to a motor vehicle accident, or if you need it just to keep family members up to date of where you are, parameters can be set, and if you venture out of those parameters, a signal will be sent to family and friends who's details you have loaded into your smartphone. Nhongo Safaris together with 911 Rapid Response have been testing this technology over the last eight months, and are glad to announce that testing of the system in all types of conditions has gone of very well, so much so, that we have decided to release it to the market, so that people can download it, and experience the "piece of mind" that an app such as this gives you while you are out and about on the roads around South Africa.

Click on the link below to download the APP

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